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Keeping our little ones safe

Sophie conducts educational sessions on common illnesses and injuries that can occur in infancy and childhood, as well as demonstrating CPR and choking first aid techniques. All sessions are private, and held in your home or at a venue of your choosing. The session is held in a casual manner, and as it is private it ensures that it is a safe space for you to learn and ask any questions comfortably. 

When learning about CPR and choking, you will have the opportunity to practice on mannequins and have your technique corrected where required. This will enable you to obtain an accurate representation of what administering first aid is like, and the physical effort that is required in doing so correctly. 

You will also learn about common signs of illnesses, and how to manage them at home and when to seek help. You will learn first aid for situations such as seizures/febrile convulsions, poisoning, burns, allergies/anaphylaxis, and head injuries. You will also learn how to prevent these situations from occurring, and tips on how to ensure your home is safe for your little ones. SIDS guidance is also provided on request. 

All information that is taught is obtained from regulated first aid bodies in Victoria, Australia. Sophie continues to stay up to date in her practice and will always provide you with the most up at date information at the time of the session. She has undertaken extensive further educational opportunities and training programs to ensure you are provided with a highly skilled and knowledgeable educator. You will leave the session more feeling calmer and more confident as you navigate through the journey of parenting, prepared to face any situation that may arise. 

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